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First Name Meanings and Origins - Order Here | Site Policy

Have you ever wondered about your name meaning and origin? Our site offers very stylish name meaning and origin prints and each comes with your choice of background. We have almost 300 backgrounds to choose from and each of our printable files are prepared and delivered to your inbox within one business day. These make great gift ideas as well as they are unique and not available in stores.

  Great looking, quick service, and very inexpensive...
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Sarah Name Meaning

Andrew Name Meaning

Mark Name Meaning

Isabella Name Meaning

Michael Name Meaning

Doris Name Meaning

The print contains the persons name at the top surrounded by a decoration. It also contains the local origin of the name as well as the name meaning. In addition, there are seven extra sections on the print that describe the persons characteristics. This truly is a unique gift to give to someone special.

Have you been searching for the perfect gift to give to someone but for one reason or another it just seems like its all been done before? Consider giving a personalized gift that says you think the person is special with a name keepsake. From young to old, everyone loves to see their name in print.

We Have Over 350 Backgrounds - Here are a just a few

The file you receive by email will be a full size and maximum quality PDF file that can be printed from any computer using acrobat reader. Acrobat reader is usually already installed on most systems.

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Please enter the first name of the person along with the background number you would like. Also indicate M for male or F for female names because some names are not so obvious.

Only $4.99 Each

First Name - M/F? Example: Michael - M
Background Number View Backgrounds

If no background number is entered it will be assumed you do
not want one and we will email your files to you with a white background.

We currently offer many backgrounds. You can have any first name you wish with any background that is available. Each background is numbered so please be sure to fill out the form completely to avoid delays in receiving your file. If you would like more than one file simple return to this page and add them until you are finished. You may then checkout to complete your purchase.

Also Available is this beautiful dual name meaning specially designed for couples. These can be given for an "I Love You" gift, for weddings, anniversaries, or just because...

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Two Name Meanings

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Please feel free to view any of the 200 samples below.
Purchased Printable Files Come With Your Choice of Our Name Origin Backgrounds Collection.

These samples have no backgrounds and are not printable.
Only purchased files may be printed.

100 Male Name Meanings Samples

100 Female Name Meanings Samples
1. Jacob
2. Michael
3. Joshua
4. Matthew
5. Andrew
6. Christopher
7. Joseph
8. Daniel
9. Nicholas
10. Ethan
11. William
12. Anthony
13. Ryan
14. David
16. John
17. Alexander
18. James
19. Brandon
20. Zachary
21. Jonathan
22. Dylan
23. Christian
24. Samuel
25. Justin
26. Benjamin
27. Nathan
28. Austin
29. Noah
30. Logan
31. Jose
32. Kevin
33. Robert
34. Gabriel
35. Thomas
36. Caleb
37. Jordan
38. Hunter
39. Cameron
40. Elijah
41. Jason
42. Kyle
43. Jack
44. Connor
45. Aaron
46. Isaiah
47. Luke
48. Evan
49. Angel
50. Isaac
51. Mason
52. Jackson
53. Eric
54. Brian
55. Juan
56. Adam
57. Charles
58. Luis
59. Aidan
60. Gavin
61. Sean
62. Alex
63. Nathaniel
64. Carlos
65. Bryan
66. Ian
67. Jesus
68. Steven
69. Adrian
70. Timothy
71. Lucas
72. Cole
73. Cody
74. Seth
75. Devin
76. Richard
77. Julian
78. Chase
79. Patrick
80. Blake
81. Owen
82. Sebastian
83. Jayden
84. Jared
85. Antonio
86. Jeremiah
87. Trevor
88. Miguel
89. Diego
90. Xavier
91. Aiden
92. Jesse
93. Dominic
94. Alejandro
95. Hayden
96. Garrett
97. Jaden
98. Mark
99. Jake
100. Victor
1. Emily
2. Madison
3. Hannah
4. Emma
5. Ashley
6. Abigail
7. Alexis
8. Olivia
9. Samantha
10. Sarah
11. Elizabeth
12. Alyssa
13. Grace
14. Isabella
15. Lauren
16. Jessica
17. Taylor
18. Brianna
19. Kayla
20. Anna
21. Victoria
22. Sophia
23. Natalie
24. Sydney
25. Chloe
26. Megan
27. Jasmine
28. Rachel
29. Hailey
30. Morgan
31. Destiny
32. Julia
33. Jennifer
34. Kaitlyn
35. Katherine
36. Haley
37. Alexandra
38. Nicole
39. Mia
40. Savannah
41. Maria
42. Ava
43. Mackenzie
44. Allison
45. Amanda
46. Stephanie
47. Brooke
48. Makayla
49. Jenna
50. Faith
51. Jordan
52. Mary
53. Rebecca
54. Katelyn
55. Andrea
56. Kaylee
57. Paige
58. Gabrielle
59. Madeline
60. Ella
61. Michelle
62. Trinity
63. Kimberly
64. Sara
65. Zoe
66. Caroline
67. Kylie
68. Amber
69. Vanessa
70. Sierra
71. Alexa
72. Lily
73. Danielle
74. Erin
75. Angelina
76. Gabriella
77. Riley
78. Autumn
79. Jada
80. Leah
81. Lillian
82. Jacqueline
83. Bailey
84. Melissa
85. Marissa
86. Shelby
87. Ariana
88. Isabel
89. Maya
90. Courtney
91. Audrey
92. Leslie
93. Claire
94. Angela
95. Sofia
96. Jocelyn
97. Evelyn
98. Catherine
99. Aaliyah
100. Mariah

Your files are sent to the address that is entered during checkout. If for some reason you do not receive your file in your email please check your spam folder. If it is not there send me an email using the contact link at the top of the page and I will look into it for you.

1. We only send printable PDF files to your email address and never mail anything to your home.
2. Because of the nature of these digital files we do not issue refunds and all sales are final.
3. Name meanings and origins are based on an extensive database we use and we cannot edit any part of the file.

We do not collect or store any personal information about our customers. All transactions conducted on this site are through Paypal and in fact, we never receive your personal information at all. The only information we receive is the first name you would like on the print along with the background number desired. In addition, we absolutely do not sell or distribute your email in any manner whatsoever.

We DO NOT Spam our customers with endless emails like so many sites do...
We DO NOT have paid ads on our site in order to trick you into clicking them...
We DO NOT overcharge our customers and only charge a reasonable price...

We DO provide a quality service to all of our valued customers...
We DO provide a very fast 24 to 48 hour turn around on all of our sales...
We DO respect each and every customer and are always happy to answer questions...
We DO prepare all files sold on our sites ourselves and do not outsource...